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funding for success

The British Ski and Snowboard Foundation are inviting you to join as a supporter. In the lead up to the most vital stages of training before the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2022, this is the most crucial time for funding to ensure athletes can reach their full potential. We have seen Great Britain compete at an international level and succeed and we need to ensure it can happen again.

There are multiple ways listed below which can be considered to pledge support and which will ensure the continuation of the Foundation and its commitment to our aspiring athletes. There is also a tear out donation form where an annual donation can be made toward the programme of your choice.

Project Support

Patrons Fund.
This fund provides individual athlete support for our top band of young athletes. A personal grant is awarded for a specific area of activity including; dedicated discipline coaching, technical support, equipment or enabling additional time on snow. It is a grant that provides the edge, helping those at the highest level achieve their best.

Para Programme.
BSSNF was proud to support our Para Athletes for the first year, where individual grants enabled many Athletes additional training and competition opportunities. This year we are now looking to gain support to deliver taster sessions throughout the UK for all adaptive athletes to have the chance to try winter sport and find their passion! We would also like to support grassroot clubs that provide regular opportunities for para athletes to start their journey, push boundaries and challenge perception.

Centralised Performance Training.
Following the success of the Project Lillehammer Programme we supported last season, we now look for opportunities to support collective training packages that bring Athletes together under professional coaches. Here they can train, learn and develop on snow, in order to, accelerate their journey onto the World Cup Team.

Education and Support.
It is essential that these young Athletes find the balance between full time education and sport. We are able to offer advice and guidance through a lifestyle coach who can nurture them through their performance pathway and also give them access to technology and equipment that can help strike this balance.

Hardship Fund.
Having the ability to fund a young talented athlete when they are most in need of our support is essential. This fund ensures our Athletes performance journey is not hinder by financial constraint and therefore reduces the pressure placed upon them during difficult circumstances. It is a fund that a can be accessed when needed and delivered within 5 days of receipt of the request.

The BSSNF High Performance Education Programme.
This programme supports 50 of our aspiring winter sports athletes, ensuring they are not only physically ready to perform but are mentally prepared for the challenges of high performance competition. The programme will involve access to experts, talks, lectures and forums; the creation of individual action plans and the development of personal support networks to optimise their chances of success at the very highest levels.

Grass Roots Fund.
We hope this will be of interest to you if you want to support the growth of winter sport at the grass root level here in the UK. This year the fund aims to support a project that will impact some of the most deprived school children in England, Scotland and Wales by providing these children with the opportunity to learn and develop a new sport they would never have the opportunity to experience. The Home Nations will work together to deliver roller-ski sessions in school playgrounds across the country over a period of eight weeks, impacting 1,800 school children in the U.K.

Major International Competitions.
We were proud and privileged to support the Youth Olympic Games this season and enable 27 Young Athlete the chance to compete and represent their country on the World stage. These major International competitions provide an environment that gives a real understanding of high performance sport and the drive and determination to take their training to the next level. These Athletes are our future and these major international competitions are the opportunities that accelerate an incredible journey in Snowsport.

Multi-Year Fast-Track Pot.
To provide those 2 years out from the Olympics and Paralympics the security and reassurance that we are there to support through qualification and during the vital competitions essential for success at the Games. This fund allows an Athlete to be able to forecast and plan their schedule to ensure they are best placed to succeed and live their dream!

Young Athlete Mentoring Scheme.
Here we will provide young Athletes access to learn and develop from those that have forged a pathway in winter sport themselves. From top tips to their most challenging moments they will nurture them on a journey and open their eyes to what high performance sport can be and how to safely navigate their way to the top.

Corporate support

By supporting The British Ski and Snowboard National Foundation, your business will be demonstrating a commitment to British sporting excellence and to nurturing and developing talent. You can also help us to ensure we’re helping more young people get active by supporting projects that enable us to develop grassroots participation in skiing and snowboarding.

We’d love to talk to you about the opportunities that are available. It could be athlete bursaries, or support for schools programmes - whatever your interest, we can come up with a package for you to get involved.

To discuss how we can work together, please contact Elizabeth at

Become a Founder Patron

With your help we can make a difference to the future of British snowsports. It has been proven that British skiers and snowboarders can succeed on the international stage. We now need to ensure the funding is in place to enable the next generation of talent to reach their full potential.

We are inviting supporters to become one of a hundred Founder Patrons who will have a life-changing impact on the athletes who the Foundation supports.

For an annual donation of £5,000 we offer Founder Patrons a wide range of benefits and opportunities, including:

  • Opportunities to meet and train with the athletes
  • Behind the scenes updates from British athletes
  • Opportunities for access to events and competitions that are not otherwise available to the public

We are asking Founder Patrons to consider pledging their support for a five year period, which enables the Foundation to offer long-term commitment to athletes. It’s this commitment that is so valuable. It enables the recruitment of high quality coaching and support staff, and it enables the athletes to concentrate on what they are best at, without being distracted by financial concerns.

For more information about becoming a Founder Patron, please download the brochure or contact Elizabeth at PDF

Leaving a legacy

By remembering The British Ski and Snowboard Foundation in your will you will be ensuring a bright future for the UK’s snowsports athletes. Your commitment will make a difference to the lives of young people, and to the future of snowsports in the UK.

To discuss including the Foundation in your will, please contact Elizabeth at

Thank you

The British Ski and Snowboard National Foundation is extremely grateful to our supporters.

  • Founder Patrons
    Bruce Ritchie

    Other donors
    Sir Win Bischoff
    Count Carlo Barel Di Sant’albano
    Michael Dobson
    Lord and Lady Stevenson
    Fayre Share Foundation
    Melina Charitable Foundation
    Rubin Foundation Charitable Trust

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