Shona Brownlee

Discipline: Para Alpine Sit Skier

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As a serving member of the Armed Forces, SAC Shona Brownlee is both a musician and an incredible Para Alpine Sit Skier! Her journey has not been an easy one;

‘Eight years ago, I sustained a leg injury during basic training. It was only my ninth week in the RAF and I’d barely begun my career before the accident happened. What initially appeared to be a simple ligament sprain developed into a complicated, painful condition that failed to heal. Seven years later, I found myself still reliant on crutches with no hope of recovery. Surgery hadn’t worked and I had exhausted all treatment options. Instead I opted for an elective, below the knee amputation. Removing my damaged leg has transformed my life for the better, both professionally and personally.’

I true inspiration of resilience and determination which will ensure she is unstoppable as she strives to get to the Paralympic Games next year.

What is Alpine Skiing?

Alpine skiing includes all skiing events which occur on a downhill course and do not involve ramps or bumps. Super-G involved skiing around widely set gates, whereas slalom has more closely set gates.

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