Dan Sheen

Discipline: Para Alpine Sit Skier

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In 2000 Dan joined the army and by 2008 he was serving on tour in Afghanistan.

An IED blew away his left leg, destroyed the muscle in his right leg and shattered his pelvis. It took Dan four years to recover after a number of operations and intensive therapy in Headley Court.

Rebuilding his life after the explosion was a huge task. So much had changed. Then Dan was introduced to his first taste of skiing. It was the first time he’d sat in a sit ski – the freedom it gave him and the rush of adrenaline meant that he was instantly hooked. “I knew from that moment that I was meant to ski”. Since this experience almost 5 years ago Dan has been supported by the Armed Forces Para Snowsport Team and BSSNF to follow his dreams to the Paralympic Games. Having attended the Paralympic Inspiration Programme in 2018 and after an extremely successful season this year, he looks set to reach his goal.

What is Alpine Skiing?

Alpine skiing includes all skiing events which occur on a downhill course and do not involve ramps or bumps. Super-G involved skiing around widely set gates, whereas slalom has more closely set gates.

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