The British Snowsports Fund is a fundraising initiative which supports British snowsports athletes.

We are asking you, the UK’s recreational skiers and snowboarders, to make a small donation to help boost the chances of our future Olympic athletes. We’re making this as easy as possible by enabling you to make a donation alongside a purchase with one of our partner organisations, who include holiday companies, retailers and transfer companies.

We want to ensure that financial barriers don’t prevent our athletes from succeeding - and by doing so making the country proud. British athletes who are training to an elite level in skiing or snowboarding face significant costs, including coaching expenses, equipment and travel. The British Snowsports Fund will help them to meet these expenses so they can focus on what they do best.

Who will the fund support?

The Fund will support ski and snowboard athletes all the way through their career, from young children just starting to show promise right through to those preparing to go to the Olympic games. It will also support projects to get more people involved in the sports - and help others grow to love the sports that we do.

Don’t we all remember the moment that we watched, in our pyjamas, as Jenny Jones won bronze at the Sochi Olympics? The British Snowsports Fund will ensure that we can repeat that success at many Olympics in the future.

How is the money spent?

The money raised by the British Snowsports Fund will be allocated to a number of organisations to ensure that it is spent where it can have the most impact. The organisations include British Ski and Snowboard (the official governing body of skiing and snowboarding in the UK), The British Ski and Snowboard National Foundation (a charity who support participation in snowsports and talented young athletes) and GB ParaSnowsport (the organisation who support elite disabled snowsports athletes).

Many thanks to our current partners