Luca Mai Hopkins Lane

Age: 14

Discipline: Snowboard Slopestyle & Big Air

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Though she started snowboarding when she was five, Luca Mai only tried her first freestyle session two years ago. Since then, she’s made incredible progress, and has represented the UK at the World Junior Snowboard Championships and the World Rookie Tour finals.

How are we supporting Luca Mai?
Luca Mai’s aim for the next season is to be selected for the main GB Park & Pipe squad, and a grant from the Foundation will help support her training, competition and travel fees. She’s been training with Why Ain’t You Jibbin?! team and the grant will help her spend more time benefiting from professional coaching to support her development.

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What is Slopestyle and Big Air?

Slopestyle is the newest freestyle event to make its debut in the Olympics, and consists of a course containing jumps, rails, boxes and other features. Athletes ride down the course and are judged for their degree of difficulty, amplitude off the jumps and execution of each trick.

Snowboard Big Air will have its debut at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Athletes perform tricks off a single ramp, and are judged by a number of criteria, including style, degree of risk and execution of landing.

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