Lexi Rowlands

Age: 13

Discipline: Ski Slopestyle & Halfpipe

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She’s only 13, but Lexi is already making waves in the Freestyle Skiing world! At the 2017 Brits freestyle event she finished 3rd in all of the U16 competitions, despite being nearly four years younger than some of the competitors.

She’s part of a talented skiing family, with her older sister and brother, Madi and Mike, both part of the main GB Park & Pipe squad, and it’s Lexi’s ambition to join them, and ultimately to represent the UK at the Winter Olympics.

How are we supporting Lexi?
With two world-class skiers already in the family, the costs for travel for training and competition for the Rowlands are high. This grant will enable Lexi to attend a number of overseas camps to help her progress in her skiing.

What is Slopestyle and Halfpipe?

Slopestyle is the newest freestyle event to make its debut in the Olympics, and consists of a course containing jumps, rails, boxes and other features. Riders ski down the course and are judged for their degree of difficulty, amplitude off the jumps and execution of each trick.

A halfpipe is a semi-circular purpose-built ramp with walls up to 7m high. Athletes are judged on their degree of difficulty for each trick, variety of tricks, the execution of each trick and amplitude out of the pipe.

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