Emma Peters

Age: 19

Discipline: Ski Cross

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Emma Peters has been supported by the foundation since it was launched three years ago and has gone on to challenge some of the best in the world.

From the age of 7, when her brother became ill with bone cancer her weekly escape from hospitals with her father was off to the dry slope. From here it soon became a hobby, with an addiction to the adrenaline rush it provided and the incredible environment you trained in. Now it is much more than that as she drives to be competing at the top!

The last few seasons Peters has completed 6 x top 10 Results at Europa Cup including a 3rd place finish in Villars Europa Cup and 21st place finish in her first World Cup event in Megeve, France. She is on track to achieve her ultimate goal and we are proud to support that journey. Her biggest challenge will be Olympic qualification and remaining injury free in this high risk sport that has become her passion. Emma reports that the BSSNF has enabled her ‘to train and compete more with less stress about financial constraints’.

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What is Ski Cross?

Introduced to the Winter Olympics in 2010, Ski Cross events see four skiers race down a course which contains features including jumps, rollers and banks. Very simply, the first past the line wins!

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