Will Gilmore

Age: 13

Discipline: Snowboard Slopestyle

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Will started snowboarding when he was seven and joined the GB Park and Pipe Academy when he was nine. He trains at the Snozone in Milton Keynes every Thursday and Friday night.

How would we like to support Will?
As a member of the GB Park and Pipe Academy, Will has the opportunity to travel and train with the senior GB Park and Pipe team, an incredibly valuable development experience. We want to ensure that Will is able to take advantage of as many of these opportunities as possible to enable him to develop his snowboarding and fulfil the potential that he is currently showing.

What is Snowboard Slopestyle?

Slopestyle is the newest freestyle event to make its debut in the Olympics, and consists of a course containing jumps, rails, boxes and other features. Athletes ride down the course and are judged for their degree of difficulty, amplitude off the jumps and execution of each trick.

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