Kirsty Muir

Age: 12

Discipline: Freestyle Ski - Slopestyle and Halfpipe

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Picture: Liam McBride

Hailing from Aberdeen, Kirsty began skiing when she was three. As a member of the GB Park and Pipe Academy she regularly attends training camps at home and abroad alongside the senior GB Park and Pipe team. She finished third in the Halfpipe competition at the Brits championship in April 2016, competing against athletes much older than her.

How would we like to support Kirsty?
Kirsty’s been identified as one of the brightest freeski talents in the UK and we would like to support her so she’s able to take up every opportunity to help her on the road to achieving her dream - a place at the Olympics.

What is Slopestyle and Halfpipe?

Slopestyle is the newest freestyle event to make its debut in the Olympics, and consists of a course containing jumps, rails, boxes and other features. Riders ski down the course and are judged for their degree of difficulty, amplitude off the jumps and execution of each trick. A halfpipe is a semi-circular purpose-built ramp with walls up to 7m high. Athletes are judged on their degree of difficulty for each trick, variety of tricks, the execution of each trick and amplitude out of the pipe.

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