Emma Peters

Age: 19

Discipline: Ski Cross

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Emma is the current British Ski Cross champion. During the last season, she competed in international races, including the Italian and Swiss National Championships, a Europa Cup competition, and she also represented the UK in the World Junior Championships.

Her aim for the next season is to qualify to compete in World Cup races, and she’ll combine her training and competition schedule with studying as she’ll be starting a degree at Royal Holloway University.

How are we supporting Emma?
Having spent the summer working as a ski instructor in Australia, Emma’s looking forward to getting back on the competitive circuit. The funding from the Foundation will enable her to attend British Ski and Snowboard’s Ski Cross camps, training with the senior team and ensuring she’s fully prepared for the season ahead.

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What is Ski Cross?

Introduced to the Winter Olympics in 2010, Ski Cross events see four skiers race down a course which contains features including jumps, rollers and banks. Very simply, the first past the line wins!

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